2024 Retreat

After ten long years, we are delighted to announce the return of the PG Retreat!
Spend a long weekend in the beautiful Lake District in the company of our esteemed teachers where we hope to benefit from their tarbiyyah, their suhbah, and partake in study and activities that will balance between the fun and serious sides of our Deen.
We are expecting to close for all applications by the end of February so we urge you to not delay. Full details and requirements are listed below in the FAQ section.


How do we apply for a place?

Please fill in this form here and you will be contacted before the end of February if successful. It is your prompt payment after receiving an offer from us by email that constitutes a confirmed place. Please ensure you check your email spam folders regularly.

Where is the Retreat located and how can we get there?
The Retreat will be held at Castle Head in the Lake District, North West England. Full details of how to get there etc can be found here. Once registration is complete we will work with all attendees to help organise their transport (most will be driving up), as we will be encouraging car-pooling which we will help arrange. Also we will offer specific advice and support to those international attendees who are looking to fly in.
What is the exact time and date of the Retreat?
Check-in officially starts at 5pm on Friday 6th September, however if due to your travel plans you arrive earlier, you may park at the centre and remain in the public areas until rooms are ready to move into. The program will have its soft start at 8pm with Maghrib prayer, followed by an Introductory session over dinner.

Our formal main sessions and physical activity will officially start on Saturday 7th September early morning so we hope everyone has arrived by late Friday night. Each day will be packed full of gatherings, prayers, study sessions and activities, including night Qiyam, so please prepare for long days and short nights!

The program will formally finish on Sunday 8th September evening with a grand dinner at Maghrib time. However we have the centre booked until 10am on Monday 9th September. Therefore we will have an informal late night games session on Sunday night, and there will be a full breakfast served on Monday morning for anyone who wishes to stay on until 10am without any extra charge.
Can I attend for just part of the Retreat?
Yes you can although this is not something we prefer, and it will cost exactly the same. We reserve the right to give preference to someone who will attend the full program in order to maximise the benefit to as many people as possible.
What will be the food plan for the Retreat?
We will have our own incredibly talented South Asian food specialist chef ma sha Allah who will be cooking full lunch and dinner meals throughout our stay. Full breakfast will be provided as well on all the mornings of our stay.
What if I have specific allergies or dietary requirements?
Unfortunately we cannot cater for any specific dietary requirements, nor can we be sure that there won’t be specific food items like peanuts used in our dishes. Please take extra special caution and inform everyone around you for them to be considerate to your needs, and if you need to bring your own specific food, please ensure you have enough for the weekend. There will be a large communal fridge that you can use to store food but it cannot be separated from the general food for the attendees.
What is the age limit?

The 2024 Retreat is for males only aged 18 and over, for logistical reasons. We will allow males 16-18 years old to attend but they must be with their fathers.

How can I pay for my place?
The cost of the program for everything included is only £99 per person. This price has been generously subsidised by donors and hence we are really hoping to invest in our attendees to repay the trust and faith of our benefactors.

For UK applicants, if successful you will be able to pay by bank transfer. Full details will be sent in your offer email.

For international applicants, you will be sent a Paypal link which you can use.
What will be our accommodation?
All applicants will be sleeping on bunk-beds in shared dorms using shared bathroom facilities. Each bedroom sleeps 8-10 people and is clean, functional and has sufficient space for a small carry-on to bring with you. The bathrooms have multiple toilet and shower cubicles.

There are also a few smaller en-suite rooms at the centre, but they are not available to be requested, they are not for anyone specific and nobody can pay extra for them. Anyone moved to such a room will be done entirely at the discretion of PG for logistical purposes.

You do not need to bring any linen or towels for use at the centre, however you will need to bring a towel for use at the watersports centre.
Can I request a single room rather than a room share?

No, this is not possible.

What will we be studying during the Retreat?
The main focus of the trip will be suhbah – good companionship – to pick up good habits and lessons especially from the knowledge and experience from our teachers. There will be a strong focus on the Qur’an during our entire stay. We will have daily recitation for all levels of reader in focused groups, we will also have a daily Tadabbur session of selected verses of the Qur’an. Our main feature will be the Q&A debate and discussion sessions that will be held onsite as well as externally during our activities. We will also have an opportunity for private sessions and counselling with our teachers for urgent personal matters.

All attendees will be requested to bring their smartphones and we will provide the links for the study verses. We hope attendees will bring their own laptops or notebook and paper preferably to take notes during the sessions.
How fit do I need to be for the activities?
None of the activities are obligatory however we do expect everyone to participate. On Saturday we will have a group session on Lake Windermere on a mixture of canoes, paddle-boards and rowing boats. This will suit all attendees, whether they can swim or not. You will need to bring light clothing appropriate for getting wet such as a t-shirt and easy-dry three-quarter length bottoms with flip flops, whereas all other safety equipment such as life-jackets will be provided. For our hikes, they will be at an easy level. We will allow for options for those who wish to do shortened versions of the longer walks. You will need to bring appropriate hiking boots. More details about all of our activities and sessions will be given in our comms group that will be set up for successful applicants.
Do I have to be part of #LogicalProgression or #QuranicProgression to attend?
No, this is not a condition. In principle, places will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. However LP/QP students will be given priority if for example two applicants were to apply at the exact same time.
Are there any other criteria for being successful in our application?
No, there are no specific conditions or criteria. We are hoping to work with our attendees and develop them in areas they feel they need support, thus the questions in the application form will allow us to have a head-start in our planning for the Retreat itself.
What is the refund policy if we cannot attend?
If you cancel before May 1st 2024, you will receive a full refund. However after May 1st, there will be no refunds possible at all.
Why is the Retreat for males only?
Unfortunately this year we are unable to provide facilities for sisters. We will try to find a solution for the future but we cannot guarantee this will be successful. We can only promise that we are trying our best.