The Prophetic fact that “Sadaqah is a Burhān” is something which should not be lost on the Believer. We live in such times where our collective and individual levels of ‘Ibādah have fallen due to various societal reasons – it may just be that giving charity is the one remaining way for many of us to prove and affirm our faith as the Prophetic hadith suggests.

Your donations below will primarily support the ongoing costs of our premier programs Logical Progression and Quranic Progression. They incur significant costs, despite every single member involved being volunteers.

PG is proud to be supported by the commitment of a small number of people, their continuous Sadaqah helping to establish a charity trust fund (Waqf) which is under the supervision of our board of scholars and trustees. Their responsibilities with this fund are simple: to ensure that all the money they invest into charity projects will provide the largest possible profit and return in the Hereafter.

This is a project taken very seriously by our scholars who advise us on where to appropriate the Waqf funds in order to maximise the benefit in this life, to increase Sadaqah Jāriyah possibilities and to ensure that only those projects are chosen that will provide for the largest possible thawāb and ajr (reward), due either to the merit of that act or due to the specific nature of that project which due to its context or lack of interest or desperation, takes on a greater significance than might normally be assumed.

Below are some details of our previous and current charity projects. We are currently not collecting for any project other than the support of LP and QP monthly costs. May Allah reward you and accept it from you.


Local Community Projects (North West England)

PG has long been raising funds for St. Ann’s, a recognised centre of excellence for specialist palliative care for people over the age of eighteen which helps those people who have progressive and life-threatening illnesses – as well as supporting their carers and families. Whenever we find ourselves fit enough for the Bupa Great North Run, it’ll always be for St. Ann’s, and we are proud to have raised over £1500 for their services in our most recent fundraising attempt.

Previously known as the Royal School for the Deaf and Communication Disorders, the Seashell Trust is a registered charity providing education and residential care for people with complex communication difficulties from across the UK. As our neighbour at one of our local centres (CMA), we have had excellent relations both through PG and the CMA Trustees, sharing sports facilities and advising on cross-organisation cooperation. This is really a great place to help and support not just with money but our even more precious human-contact time.

The Cheadle Muslim Association (CMA) is one of our main partner organisations, sharing our vision, values and some of the same volunteers too! With such an ambitious plan to offer the Muslims of South Manchester the very highest standard of services including both religious and social, the cost is understandably high and with the extension project now fully under way, fund appropriated to this very worthy local cause will be a solid source of Sadaqah Jāriyah insha’Allah.

PG’s roots have always been in Da‘wah, and this is one of our most important funds: we help provide financial assistance and gifts to those who enter Islam often at great personal cost and difficulty. This is one of the two projects that we will accept zakat funds for but this must be clearly stated.

This is one of the more forgotten responsibilities of the Muslims, to help those who are in desperate debt and are in danger of falling into something which we all regret later as a community. This is the second of the two projects that we will accept zakat funds for but this must be clearly stated.

International Projects

If you cannot help support our long-term Waqf fund by standing order but would be willing to support one of the specific appeals below as a one-off, please use our on-line donation form and include details of your chosen project.

This project was initiated in 2003, building wells with a partner organisation that specialises in this field, in an area which is regularly ravaged by drought.

The devastating Earthquake of 2005 which hit North Pakistan and India led to one of the biggest aid responses ever organised by the world community. PG in conjunction with Doctors Worldwide were able to assemble a team of doctors and emergency medicine personnel, alongside medicines, aid kits and over £65000 of donations raised simply from the PG online community alone.

After the horrific Tsunami that destroyed large parts of Indonesia, an unprecedented number of orphans are in need of shelter, education and quality care. PG has helped set up an Orphanage and is also collecting funds to sponsor orphans as a long-term project.